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I called Copper Top Plumbing to replace an Insinkerator Badger 5 disposal unit. I used this company in the last six months and knew they charge $125 for service call. I asked Brian if he had a unit in stock or I would purchase one. (The disposal costs less than $85 retail) Brian said he had one on the truck. No price was quoted but I expected to pay about $25 to $30 over his cost. Brian installed the disposal in less than 30 minutes. I expected with labor ($125) and material ($110) the charge would not exceed $250 with taxes. Brian handed me a bill for $390. No charges shown for labor or material. When I said this is outrageous, he too $20 off. I was so upset, I wrote the check for $370. As I was writing, Brian kept repeating, We take cards, We take cards. I assumed he meant credit cards and I ignored him. The next morning I called Brian and asked what he charged for the disposal. He said he charged $225. That’s $225 for an $81 item. That’s more than overcharge. I asked the labor charge and he said $175. He rambled on about the cost of insurance going up and taxes and they (Copper Top) offer a 6 month warranty. In my opinion, this man is robbing vulnerable people. Beware, this man cannot be trusted. He said the flat rate for installing a garbage disposal is $390. He says that’s standard. I say he’s lying and making up whatever price he thinks he can get.

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