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I answered an ad for an investment on Craigslist for an investment. Mr Armenta stated that for 1500 you would get your money in 30 days plus 15 percent of business. I sent this to him. Then he asked for another 500.00 to hire a worker get business cards and open business account. I sent and would now get 20 percent. | I was emailed a contract for the 1500 and he had many issues why not to send a contract for the 500.00. He was always emailing and foning UNTIL he got the money. Then it was hard to communicate. At least 8-9 times( I have many emails and saved all) he gave ne his word he would be sending money to me. The next to last time he told me he took my money to pay his bills.WOW!!!! | Then again after several tries by me he once again gave me his word he would send 2000.00 on a Monday and then the balance on Friday. NO PAYMENT!!!! When I emailed he one again had one of many excuses. I do believe from the start he had NO INTENTION of paying me. Jusr another Craigslist fraud. I dont know what he would have to say. Also Im the 3rd investor who has reported him. | Why cant he be stopped? I have also contacted Craiglist as they are also invovled. Im also in talks with other agencies. I just want my 2000.00 plus 20 percent for 4 months. I wish I read the previous ripoffs . I guess when someone plays the game like he did,its time to respond.

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