Cosmetic Dentistry Grants

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Review

I am writing this report regarding Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. I am not one to say that they are | a ripoff, I will let you decide. I called them because I need dental work done. I have not worked | in a few years, after I was laid off. I had been taking care of my elderly parents. | Since I do not have much money, a friend told me to look into this grant program, so I did. I | did read reviews on this grant program. It was 50/50, so I did take my chances. When I called | I was told that I would need to give $50.00 and that was to secure my appointment. I was told | that if I kept my appointment the $50.00 would be refunded. I kept my appointment and after I | found out that this dentist was charging triple my amount (another dentist quoted me $4,000, this | denitst from CDG quoted me 12,000). The dentist office had me wait for about 45 minutes after my | exam and then a lady name Sarah came back (who spoke loudly) and informed me that the CDG | would only pay 2800 towards my 12,000 dental bill and I would have a balance of over 8,000. | So since I cannot pay the 8,000 plus, I asked Sarah when would I be receiving my $50.00 back. She | told me that I would not because that paid for my x-ray and office visit. Now mind you, when I went | into the office, they took my Medi-cal card. I asked Sarah if they accepted Med-cal and she said they | do. Now Medi-cal pays for my office visit and x-rays (I went to a dentist 6 months earlier). When I | called CDG to let them know what happened, I got a rude girl, who constantly interrupted me, and she | told me that no one told me that. I informed her that I was told that, and she grew more nasty. She | was not kind, understanding or sympathetic to my needs. | I know it was just $50.00 (and I think that office will also use my Medi-cal card), but I do not like | people or organizations who are nice to you in the beginning to get what they want, and then treat | you like you have leprosy after they got everything they wanted. Those reviews of people who are receiving | large sums of grant money is questionable. I just want people to beware. I do not believe they are | a trustworthy company. Maybe others had an excellent experience with CDG but I did not and I will | never recommend or deal with them again.

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