Courageous Caucasians Ovtcharka Dogs

Courageous Caucasians Ovtcharka Dogs Review

From reading the reports about Jackie Swanner Renner I am still puzzled by the dialogue but | not altogether surprised. I was in the process of trying to purchase puppies from this lady when the | price went up three times. She indicated they were rare blue ovcharkos then indicated that one was not rare | and blue but the price would remain the same. These puppies were to live in Canada we told her and it was indicated by customs that they required vacinations including the rabies vaccine. She told me they were too young to vaccinate. The total price for the dogs worked out to approximatedly 7,000.00 Canadian dollars. unvaccinated no papers possible lovely but the i’s were not dotted and the t’s not crossed. She indicated that she was requiring surgury very soon and if I did not come to pick up the dogs immediately I would be charged extra for her having to feed them ( basically she lost me at that point because not feeding puppies that are supposed to grow into giant dogs doesn’t make sense) | I was told that unvaccinated dogs crossing into Canada would be seized and this was not negotiable. She had further indicated that such a puppy purchase had been successfully transacted in the past no papers just say it is your dog etc. The plan was that we were to just hand over the better part of seven thousand canadian dollars to | her by the side of the road somewhere and then proceed to cross the border with unvaccinated dogs. When asked why she would not simply ship the dog to Canada she said it wasn’t done. | I decided to cut my losses and bought a purebred ovchara from Russia It was delivered complete with a vaccination passport a certificate of health signed by a Vetrinarian and proof of registration of the dog and breed all accomplished in one week no fuss no muss and everything was done as is required.. This puppy was the product of champions. We paid less for all this including flight, a stay at the Amsterdam hotel and a live animal broker service, not to mention the largest travel kennel I have ever seen. All for less than Ms Swanner Renners asking price. We are very happy with our puppy and are in retospect thinking perhaps we would have been out the cash and the dogs. | Entering Canada with unvaccinated dogs is against the law. the whole thing seemed very dodgy to me. | Hope this helps other Canadian buyers. | Also please note this breed is presently not recognized in the US or Canada as a registered breed yet. Efforts are being made to get the breed recognized but this takes time. The breed generally is known to have wonderful personality are a bit head strong yet very sensitive and love lots of affection. unfortunately they are not a puppy you take to the off leash park and let run loose. They do not realize their own strength. they can also be a little over the top when defending their territory as can most shepherds of different breeds. They must be trained in obedience if one wishes to show them in a dog show so socialization is critical. they also make wonderful companion dogs. They require lots of time and effort, and last I checked vaccinations. | In order to breed these dogs in Canada Legally one requires a licence and inspections by the food inspection agency we met a very nice vetrinarian at the Edmonton airport who gave us this information. They should also not be bred prior to being two years old as their bones require time to mature before being mothers.

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