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I have been a resident of the apartments I am currently living in for almost a year. My rent has never been late, and I’m current with rent. There was a couple that lived in the upstairs apartment when I moved in and never had to complain bout anything, but they moved out, and another couple moved in, and from day one they let their child just run thru the house all day everyday, so once I wenrt in to the office to pay March 2016 rent, I asked the manager if i could talk to her, she said yes, so i begin to tell her about how the people upstairs allow their child to run back and fourth in the apartment all day and that it was beginning to become annoying. I stated I don’t like to complain, but this was really getting out of hand. She said they would talk to them, and that if it continued, to call the after hours number and they would send out an officer or security officer that lives on the property, which he/they came out 3 times, but didn’t come into my home so they could hear what I hear everyday, the first night they came was 12:10 a.m, which i called around 9:00p.m or 10p.m. | Then the nest day i called the after hour number again, and they came out around 7:30p.m. Told them(the police) what was going on, they went upstairs I assumed. Then the next time they came out they told the rental office the people above me didn’t have any kids, which is a lie, and all they could hear from the outside upstairs on the other side is a baby crying. Well the first letter on March 15,2016 I recieved was telling me that cause I was on a month to month that they was giving me a 30 day notice to be out by April 30,2016. I only got this letter after i kept complaining about the noise(running back and fourth). Then i talked to someone and was told to talk to management about me trying to get my credit situated to buy a house, then management rewrote a letter on March 16,2016 stating that they will extend my stay here Fieldcrest Walk through the summer, while I continue to work on my credit in order to meet the requirements that will enable me to secure a loan for a home.Then, I was told to call them while their in the office so that someone from the office could come and hear the noise when they let the child run the way I’ve reported. | So on march 23,2016, I called to have someone come to my apartment, well when a staff member came in, the child wasn’t running, but ever time i call someone or ask maintenance to come in, thier either telling the people upstairs or they looking out window to know when they are my apartment, because the child nor his mom moves, but the minute they leave, it starts again. So when the child started I would hit on da ceiling, then I get the 3rd letter on March 28,2016 stating that they are rescinding the previous offer to allow me to stay through the summer, and that the notice for me to vaccate the apartment is still April 30,2016, because their staff and or security officer didn’t hear the noise, and that it is not excessive, and that they reported that I have been hitting the ceiling all day everyday, which I am not home some days, due to errands or physical thearpy, So on March 30,2016 they had some people here in my apartment to fix the Air conditioning unit, and they heard the noise that I’ve been hearing everyday, and they reported it to the main maintenance guy, who reported it to management(Karen), I called today March 31,2016 to see if they gotr the report from Justin(the head maintenance guy) and Jennifer one of the staff, said since I’m not happy I could move or when they get an 2 bedroom avaiable the end of April that I could move, but it was upstairs. I don’t want an upstairs apartment and told her that’s why I asked for a downstairs apartment when I moved over here. Then she told me its not fair for the people to have to leave, and I said it’s not fair that you telling me I got to move..I really need help with this matter, and Praying something can be done..THANK You for your time.

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