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Covington Who's Who Review

I joined Covington Whos Who, February 17 2015, and was offered a 1 year trial subscrition with the company and paid $99.00 for that subscription. Along with that membership, I was offered a copy of the catalog with my information listed in the book among other members. I was also offered an official certificate of recognition, which I received, and the benefits listed below: | Unlimited one and two day seminars, unlimited live an archiced seminars, online learning center courses, complete online reference library, exclusive STAR12 events and certificate programs as well as Covington’s Reward/Discount Programs. | Tried to reach them several times in the past years, but to no avail. I have not been able to enjoy any of the benefits for my $99.00 and would like an explanation or my money back. I have information that will back this up if needed.

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