Cox Automotive, Inc.

Cox Automotive, Inc. Review

Hey Jack Schwartz……!!! | When you grew up did your father say “Do the worst job possible all the time” ??? | It seems so. You suck. sucks because you took it over and have ruined it completely. All of your many automotive related business ventures have a serious lack of any customer service….. The dispatch board, the broker software, Manheim Auto Auctions. | Everyone I talk to wants to punch your face in and gladly take the jail time for doing it. What the hell is wrong with you? You are a total as*hole. Everything you touch turns into crap. Where the hell do you get off ripping off the carriers and the brokers in the auto transport industry. | Your software sucks and you do nothing about it. If you are going to buy out an industry because you are a rich as*hole… think about the 20,000 hard working truck drivers and auto transport companies you are screwing with your crap way of running things. | You are a total as*hole. No other word to describe you… crap face business loser! (((REDATED PER TOS)))

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