Cranston City Hall

Cranston City Hall Review

Erik baccari, cop, police officer, detective, in cranston ri, has engaged in corruption and harrassment of individuals based on his relationship with others in cranston who he are known criminals, but does not want them to get in trouble for thier crimes. | this cop has: | Harrassed innocent people and the family of innocent people to attempt to protect friends of his who have done misdeeds. | Theatened to take action on these innocent people. | Cost innocent people their employment though use of slander and individuals he knows that work at the same company, or contacting the company directly, and bringing up issues that are completely fabricated that then casauses conflict that leads to the innocent individual being unemployed. they then use this to take action against the innocent individual because that person in unemployed and less likely to be able to defend his or herself. | Has handcuffed innocent people to ambulances and forcefully taken them to hospitals againt his or her will when there was nothing wrong with these people to attempt to gain a falisifed medical diagnonis that would help to exculpate this police department and friends of thiers from crimes they have committed. This is a favorite of this police department and also involves former police chief walter craddock, officer matthew davis, officer ricci, judge robert pirraglia, doctor rita kurl, former mayor steve laffey, attorney robery murray, bishop hendricken affiliate earl “buddy” croft, his son and hendricken football coach keith croft, and family friend david exter, who have all engaged in this conduct and are part of the scheme. it also contributed to how this police department obtained its pensions and safety complex. | baccari, in fact, is so tied to these individuals that he actually purchased the home of one of the individual who he conspired with to falisify false reports against an innocent person. officers who have personal realtionships with people should, by law and general common sense, be removed from any complaint these people have to file, yet, in every case, these complaintants went and file complaints with only the officers they knew to further prove the corruption and that innocent indivduals are being set-up for these criminals own benefit. | These FACTS have been DOCUMENTED numerous times.

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