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I filed, or thought I filed, my taxes with Credit Karma. I used them since they already had all my financial information. I’ve waited a few weeks and tried to log in to check the status of my return. I can’t log in. Says my account has been deactivated. By whom? They don’t know. Okay, how do we solve this I ask. They reply that I have to wait six months and open a new account. It’s for my “security”. I need to know the status of my filing and they tell me that they will delete my unfiled returns. Returns? I only filed one. Unfiled? Wny didn’t they file my return? They don’t know but will “escalate” my inquiry. Meanwhile I’m sitting here not knowing if they did or did not file my return. | Caution! Warning! Use a reputable real service. Pay the few dollars. Now I may have the IRS after me for not filing. Fortunately I have all the communications between Credit Karma and myself to show the IRS that I did file.

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  1. Irish Bleecker
    June 16, 2020
  2. Leena Hardnett
    June 16, 2020

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