I got behind on 2 payments. They sent me to collections although I had called them to let them know I had been in car accident. Rep from collections department called me said didn’t know why my account was issued to collections and that she would credit me 2 credits of the late fees, and reactivate my card as long as my payment would be on by the due date the 23rd of the month. I agreed and few days later tried using my card and denied over and over. Of course couldn’t reach anyone because it was Saturday and the offices are closed! So Monday morning got transferred to a manager named Edward. He said my credits that were promised to me were denied although they were already given to me. Then they completely changed around what the other rep had said to me that I just needed to pay my monthly amount. it turns out I had to repay a deposit that I originally already paid in the beginning of $150 bucks. Until they would provide me services again. The manager sat there and argued with me raising his voice. I nicely told him to respect the fact that I’m a customer and that they get paid because of there customers and to not talk to me like that again! These people don’t care what your told they obviously have no sense of providing customer service! They are seriously money hungry thieves that provide nothing, but a headache. Do not go with this credit card company they will piss you off and not even give you anything of what you’re looking for trust me! You will not be happy with these idiots. They don’t follow through with their promises to their customers, and are a bunch of lying lazy slobs. Very bad company to do business with. Read over other reports I know they have other negative ones too!!! I wish I would of! and I would of reconsidered.

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