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I hired this people back in 2016 to manage my house, they told me they charge 10% and makes payment every 15th of the month. I signed the contract with stated amount for my rent, only for them to turn around and rented my house less than what I signed. When I noticed it, they denied, I had to pull the chat record, messages and conversations which indicated we agreed on an amount and they went and did another thing. | In order to cover up they decided to take the loss by ensuring I received my monthly rent. This continued and every now and then am getting a complain of sewage and am spending to fix it. On January 2019 when I was about to travel outside the country, I pleaded with them to pay me rent earlier at least on the 10th to enable me travel as I dont have money, but they refused. | I was stranded at the airport because of money. Only for me to get to where I was going and I messaged them with anger of the pain they caused me and demand they be ready to quit working for me as soon as I came back. But two days after I arrived where I was going, they messaged me that section 8 had a complain about my house and sewage problem and that it should be fixed within 24hours if not my house will be put on abatement. | I told them to go ahead and fix it and take the money from my rent, but they refused and said they will never use their money to fix my house and said is against the law. As such they allowed my house to be put on abatement and tenant was occupying my house without payment. To make things worst, they teamed up with the tenant against me, told the tenant bad things about me, made the tenant believed am bad even when the tenant has not known me. | During my vacation, they made it very uncomfortable for me as I could not have rest of mind to enjoy my vacation, they gave up managing my house even when I was away, they collide with tenant and told the tenant to remain in my house without monthly payment. They claimed section 8 collected part of the money which belongs to another of their client as such they will take the money from my tenant’s deposit. | After the tenant left my house in a very bad condition, I have pictures of everything, they were supposed to make the tenant fix my house and they were to return my house the same way I handed it over to them but instead they left my house dilapidated, unkept, very dirty, and many damages. I got a contractor to fix the house which cost me more than$10000 to fix. | What they did was to tell the tenant to collect her deposit from me, while they returned half of the deposit back to me, took my $300 with them and left my house dilapidated and under abatement. During this period while I was away I got another property manager to take over the property from them, but they made the new property manager believe every negative things and dissuade them from being my property manager. | But now after having a contractor fix my house, we noticed their was no sewage problem as they claimed rather water leaking from the faucet and another property manager managing my house now told me that they were supposed to get the tenant to a hotel until the house is fixed, and that it is not illegal for them to use their money and fix it, in as much they will recover it from the rent. | Also, my new property manager charges 8% instead of 10% and they pays every 8th day of the month instead of 15th. After narrating this incidence to people, they asked me who is the property management, I told them is Creed, they all blamed me for using them and said they have been known for their bad management. I ever regret having creed as my property manager. People should be aware of this, read this before making choice of allowing creed to manage your property.

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