Crypterium Review

During the first half of 2017, the Senior Management of CRYPTERIUM, (STEVEN POLYAK, AUSTIN KIMM | VLADIMIR GORBUNOV, and GLEB MARKOV) Publicly advertised the sale of millions of dollars worth of their so-called Initial Coin Offering (ICO) “Tokens” called CRPT to the general public from their little backyard garage in Estonia (Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, A. Lauteri tn 5, 10114). These digital “Tokens” were supposed to represent real dollar value because in order to buy them, you had to convert real U.S. dollars to Bitcoin, then transfer the Bitcoin to the COCKROACHES in Estonia behind this CRYPTERIUM SCAM. | These COCKROACHES NEVER delivered the CRPT “Tokens” to myself and several other people to what they’re now peddling around the world as a “digital wallet.” On behalf of several people, I have made over 15 requests to have their CRPT “Tokens” delivered to our ‘digital wallets,’ and all they do is make excuses and say they cannot do anything. To make their SCAM seem more legitimate, they brought on the former head of Visa in Eastern EU, Steven Parker, to be the “face” of their SCAM operation. | I’ve told them REPEATEDLY, that if you’re a legitimate “Blockchain” company, you should be able to track and deliver every single “Token” ever issued by your company. Their reply is that they cannot (will not) deliver the tokens to the affected parties. Ergo, they are nothing but SCUMBAG CON ARTISTS HIDING LIKE COCKROACHES IN EASTERN EUROPE with U.S. Citizens hard earned money!!! | This report is only the beginning of the public disclosures we intend to make about these COCKROACH CRIMINALS!!!

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