CuraDebt Review

I called Curadebt to relieve a tax issue. The person I talked to said that it would only make sense to move forward if I owed at least 10K. I told him I owed 8 K in federal and 2 K in state so we moved forward and paid 1K and they said they would work everything out for me. Once I paid they told me that it would be a completely separate charge if I wanted their assistance with the state taxes when they led me to believe it was all included. | I should have asked for a refund right there, but I thought I should at least take care of the federal stuff. After going back and forth with them and providing my info to them. They said their research was complete and they wanted $750 more to move forward. At no point was I told that my initial $1k in fees would be for just research and that there would be more charges. | Make sure you realize what you are getting and ask to find out what surcharges will be coming before doing business with this company. All in all I paid 1K for Curadebt to tell me I owed the IRS money and I could request a refund of the $1400 I’ve incurred in Fees as soon as I paid them back which may or may not be granted. Save your money and work directly with the IRS.

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