I first contacted Curd Galindo & Smith in January of 2016, because I was having issues with my landlord fixing my leaking ceiling. I was immediately put in contact with their private investigator Marc Gold. For months, I documented every single thing going on in my apartment. Multiple tenants in the building were becoming sick. I finally paid for mold inspections in the apartment, in both my unit and my neighbors unit. Marc Gold coached me into seeing doctor after doctor, all before agreeing to let me speak to the attorney, Alexis Galindo. The prescriptions tallied in the thousands. The doctor appointments cost a fortune as well. | I came to Marc and Alex, upon receiving confirmation of toxic mold in my apartment. After spending over $2,000 on mold reports, and giving them to Marc, I told them (and subsequently Alex Galindo) over and over that I was afraid of the other plaintiffs in the lawsuit. | I begged to have a one on one meeting with Alex Galindo, who refused to meet with me. | Instead, he took my thousands of dollars in mold reports, refused to meet with me and agreed to represent a bunch of con artists. He used my mold reports without my permission to file a lawsuit on behalf of four others, using reports I explicitly stated he did not have permission to use. He eventually paid me half of the mold reports. He still owes me over $1000. | I work with a TON of personal injury attorneys. So many of them are such good people. They fight hard for justice for being who have been wronged. Galindo and Marc Gold are the quintessential slime ball, ambulance chasing hacks you always hope to avoid when you need an attorney’s help.

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