Custom Communications, Inc.

Custom Communications, Inc. Review

I found Custom Communications Inc on Craiglist last year September 2016. They were hiring employees to join there new program, where Techs would travel to clients homes and businesses to fix Iphones Screens. | When I join the company and had my first meeting with all the Techs, I started to hear stories how this company wasn’t paying everyone on time and they had excuses. I called and spoke with there head managers about the problem and was told they are gonna fix everything. | 21 days had passed and it was gonna be my 1st pay check, because they withhold your check for 21 days. When i received my check it was short $550. The next check was short $400 and so on. I decided to put my two weeks notice in since this company was having a hard time paying me and the manager they hired and fired because he messed up all our parts in the system, which their head manager knew of and told me he would take care of. | I had turned in all my equipment and expected I would receive the $3,050 which was owed. Weeks went by and i kept getting excuses about they couldn’t find parts when i met with the manager they fired to match all the parts i used to clients. | After i had notify them and sent countless emails they started to call my cell phone and father phone saying they were gonna spend my money on beer and t**s, listen to the Voicemail that i uploaded on youtube | Scam Custom Communication inc | | I have lost my apartment and car because of this company.

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