Cybertron International, Inc.

Cybertron International, Inc. Review

Here is a short summary of my nightmare with CybertronPC. In addition to a system that is not reliable and restarts in the middle of work, my company lost 2 rendering projects because of this in addition to counless hours of time lost on the phone with CybertronPC support. | On April 26, 2016 I purchased CybertronPC Thallium X99 from amazon for more than $6500 to do 3d rendering using 3Dmax and Vray. I started a new company with my partner and we needed a new rig! I also purchased 4 years of protection from Amazon to make sure our new system is going to be reliable. | 1-On April 30th when I recieved the system I got no signal on my monitor. I called CybertronPC and after days of trying different solutions (Including removing 3 Graphic cards, changing switches on the motherboard, windows re-install, etc) I was told that the motherboard needs to be replaced. SHOOT! | I recieved the new motherboard on May13th and sent the old motherboard back. The motherboard was replaced by a technician in the following day. | 2- In June we did not do any rendering with the system and used it only for post production for our old designs. In July 5th when we did our very first render, the system started to restart unexpectaedly. | I immidiatley let CybertronPC know about the issue. Again after hours of working on the system with technicans on the phone, we were told that a graphic card needs to be replaced so the graphic card was sent to them on July 12th. I recieved the new graphic card and it did not resolve the problem so they asked me to send the tower back to them. | They confirmed that they have recieved it on July 20th. The system with a new motherboard was recieved on Aug 6th. Believe it or not with the same issue!!! I was told by one them that it might be our software! It has nothing to do with the sofware! I’m using a laptop with the exact OS, 3Dmax and Vray versions and it works without any issues. | 3- Finally I called them to send the system back and at least get my money back to get another system. I was told since I got the system from Amazon I have to deal with Amazon! Amazon is not going to refund me since it has been more than 3 months from the order date.

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