D.H. Griffin Companies

D.H. Griffin Companies Review

Eric frie borrowed$1450 from me under false pretense saying his wallet was stolen out of his work truck. On three different occasions he met me in his work vehicle to pick up money. He also told me he needed$1000 to put down on a deposit for condo he picked me up in the work vehicle took me to the bank where I got a cashier check he than dropped me off and headed straight back to my bank with Jim Hudson who went inside and cashed the check. I’ve been to the Pittsboro police and actually tried to get him to settle without having to go any further but he said fit me to do what I have to do so. I will be bringing a civil case and possible a legal case and I am contacting you to let you know that he’s scamming people on company time and in s company vehicle. I have proof of text messages pictures and witnesses. I was a good hearted person who was taken advantage of by someone who actually has a job. He’s made it very clear that I should think twice before doing anything.

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