Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Review

I gave it a one star but I would have given them a zero star. My husband and I got a recall letter in the mail from a Company called FCA representing Chrysler for an airbag recall. They set appointment with Dadeland Dodge Service Dept. We had the most horrible experience and left so disappointed we are thinking we want to sell our Dodge and never buy another Dodge. That place is a scam!!!!!!! We went to get the airbag replaced covered by recall. From the minute my husband got there the assistant service manager called Bill insisted selling us on an oil change which we did not need as the oil had recently been changed. Then he told us that in order to get our airbag removed and replaced they would probably have to break our car dash as our truck was old and had over 100,000 miles and therefor he pushed and almost forced on my husband and myself signing papers of repairs giving them full authorization to accept liability and cost for any damages or repairs as a result of removing recalled airbag and replacing it. When we refused he got nasty with a horrible disrespectful attitude , then walked away and left us standing there and then ripped the papers he had given my husband off his hands when I began to video his horrible threatening attitude towards us and asked for copies and requested management he then walked off . He then went out to our truck got inside and took some papers out of our truck and so I asked him to leave our vehicle alone and not touch it. In addition all of his co-workers surrounding him began to stand up a clear the room and all the surrounding desk. | We waited for over 30 minutes after that and had to walk over to sales to once again ask for management and the name to finally get a Manager called Ana . This manager Ana who finally showed up long time after apologized for his horrible attitude and offered to take in the truck and be assisted by another one of their service manager. She then justified and told us that the signature required by them was standard procedure and said that often old vehicles dash and other parts break in the process of removing the airbags and that is why they ask us the clients to acknowledge and accept of cost of any repairs of such as a result. | Consumers Please BEWARE: Recalls on Dodge vehicles Airbags and other parts are just opportunities to find yourself in a position of ending up with Damages to your dash and other parts of vehicles and they make you sign papers with scare tactics threatening thats the only way your recall will be fixed . And opportunities for them to add other services pushed on like oil changes , ect. Its a scam to stiff you with repair bills and once they have your car and signature you have no other choice but to pay….. Don’t go to Dadeland Dodge or you will be scammed and stiffed and treated horribly when you don’t go along with the service agents plans. Sad is that Management is part of the scam and let it happen :(:(:( | Extremely Dissapointed and horrified at the experience of DADELAND DODGE !!!!!!!

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