Damian C Strickland

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I am a single mother with one child, and bought a new house about a year ago. In January of 2017 I hired a supposed contractor by the name of Damian Strickland to redo my back patio. Damian was reffered to me through his brother who is a good friend of mine. | Damian told me that the initial cost for the supplies would be $2,000. I paid him the $2,000 and he began the work. He tore up my back patio and layed some 2×4’s. He came to me after and told me that for the rest of the supplies it was going to cost another $2,000. | I payed him the second payment of $2,000 and was never contacted again. I reached out several times and he finally answered the phone. When he answered I asked what was going on and when the work would be completed. He told me that he would not be returning and that I was out of luck. | Damian is a licensed contractor in the state of washington his license number is STRICDC848QC. But when I contacted the Oregon State Contractors Board I found out he is not a licensed contractor in the state of Oregon. They told me that they could go after him for $5,000 but that money would go into the Oregon state bond, and I would not be able to get any of the money personally. | If anyone has any information that can help me or any information on how to proceed I would really appreciate it. I would like to get all of my money back if possible but even some would be nice.

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