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Report Filed: dante marketing LLC CV Lied about charges, Were very rude Internet, Florida!!

Dante marketing LLC called me with an offer for a 200 dollar gas voucher if I would enroll in their trial period for American Auto and Odyssey travel which would both be 29.95 a month! They assured me the gas voucher was mine, even if I canceled.They also tried to sell 2 other products to me in which I had to refuse 3 times before they would let me get through the process!All the agents were from India, which made it very hard to understand what they were saying, and were very rude, pushy and were very demanding and got mean when I asked ?’s and also hung up on me when I asked to speak with a supervisor. I asked a lot of ?’s first, and made sure that there was no contract, and that I could decline at any time, they hurriedly told me all of that was correct and asked me for my bank card # 4 different times. After hanging up I knew that this wasn’t right. I know nothing is free and have never acted on any of these scams before. I was just interested in the 200$ gas voucher as I am traveling soon. I called the # they gave me to cancel, and they were Rude and told me to wait 48 hrs. I called today and told them to cancel anything they had signed me up for, and to refund my money. They said they would cancel my enrollment and refund one dollar. They charged me 3 dollars, when they said it would only be one, and explained that was a fee for making sure my bank card was active? I asked for verification that no other charges would be made and all they could give me was a verbal statement. I asked if something would be sent to me in the mail, they said no and hung up on me. I called back to make sure it was done and they said it was canceled and were rude again! I am going to the bank today to get a new debit card so no other charges will be made!

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