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I have a large household of family and my laundry is going practically every day. I orderd a part for my dryer. I paid extra and clicked an option to get 2 day shipping. The fedex tracking shows it will not get here for at least a week from ordering it. I emailed their customer support and the response was only “delivery dates are estimated and not guarantees”. I’ve done a lot of online shopping and this is the first business that posts a specific thing to a customer and didn’t follow through. | In todays’ technological world, a business should at least have it set up to reimburse customers if they can’t fulfill what they advertise on their website. Now, I’ll be out a minimum $100 to travel back and forth to laundromats and use my valuable time for this horrible business. | I am a 100% permanent and totally disabled military veteran. I am sick and tired of horrible customer service from online business.

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