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https://soundcloud.com/user-306646348/amy-hart-and-andy-andres-rangel-of-lonestar-llc-daseke-inc | Cathy, | I am sorry to regret I will be leaving my position effective immediately. I hate to leave but certain issues within the company have forced me to leave. I enjoyed my time and was a good learning experience but I can no longer continue with those conditions. I left my keys on my desk. | Reason for leaving… | * The main reason I would say is the constant harassment from Amy Hart. As you all know I have narcolepsy and this medical condition which unfortunate causes me to have day time drowsiness. Amy would make fun of it or cause me embarrassment when I would get drowsy at my desk. | I did report this to various people. I do take my medication but it is not always effective. She thought taking a picture of me asleep and posing behind me while smiling was funny. Now she did not do this alone because someone had to have taken the picture and the only 2 people I can think of is Wendy and Sandy. | She then went and showed that picture to everyone in the company just about including some managers. I confirmed that she showed 1 for sure. I convinced her to show me the picture and she did not to long ago so I know she still has the picture and still shows it around otherwise why keep it. | She would also yell when I did get drowsy so that everyone would know I had fallen asleep and tell me to wake up. I spoke with her and my manager about it and yet it still continues. Then last week during my break time I went and started talking to Bo Chen about random things which one was the WiFi not being accessible to us employees anymore. | I noticed Amy at Sandy’s desk during my conversation with Bo and the only reason she was there was to ease drop on my conversation. She later went and complained to Floyd that I mentioned her name and pointed towards her desk. Yes because the WiFi was something that everyone was complaining about. | I spoke with Floyd and he agreed that she most likely was just at her Sandy’s desk to hear my conversation with Bo. If I really wanted to talk negative about her why would I keep his door open while her desk was right next to his office. Just the constant BS and hostile environment is the biggest reason I quit. | You don’t understand how often I hear from my friends that Amy said this Amy said that or all the sexual innuendo that she says. Its so bad that I have to walk away. I got tired of having to deal with it and every time I would say something its taken as a joke. | * The office has been getting worth regards to the gossip and the sexual innuendo from the girls. Not the guys but the girls in the office makes us guys have to walk away from them in shame and how uncomfortable it make me feel. The office has is just to used to it I guess that they think its ok and normal for the girls to talk about sexual things in front of everyone and think that its OK. | If you go around and ask people how they feel you would see what I am talking about. Everyone from Kristi W. to Floyd P. has heard her and yet it continues. It might be funny but what happens when it offends people no one cares anymore. Having a safe working environment free of harassment or abuse no longer exist in our department. | * I am being over worked and when I try to let management know they don’t seem to care anymore. I even asked to take work home and just needed a loner computer so I can do some work from home to catch up I was denied. When I talked to my Floyd telling him over and over it really did not matter the answer was no. | My job duties no longer matched my job description at times I felt like a supervisor / manager because of all the misc work i been doing from helping other departments to doing the work for other departments. When I mentioned this to Floyd he agreed with me that my current job functions no longer matched my job title. I am not trying to say Floyd is a bad manager because his not and having to juggle with who he has as employees is a great lot of work. Especially with all the drama that he hears. | Now these are just a few of the items but the office mentality in my opinion needs to change. The office needs to get back to office less the gossip and sexual innuendo that Amy and Wendy constantly talk about and make the office such an uncomfortable place to be. | I am hoping my e-mail stays private but I will soon find out all I have to do is ask a few of my friends because Amy will be spreading her gossip shortly after I send my e-mail once she finds out I quit. To make the office better there is just one thing in my opinion is to stop the gossip which all you have to do is keep Amy at her desk and keep her away from watching TV all day long. | Everyone knows she watches TV at her desk but yet it continues. When you see her at peoples offices like Kims, Stephens all you hear is gossip shortly after that. She was the one telling everyone about Derick she was the one making fun of Kimberly when she was let go. I even told Floyd about her comments when Kimberly was let go a few weeks ago. | I appreciate all the time I spent with everyone. | Thank you, | Andres Rangel Jr.

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