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I created a profile but I kept it blank without any pictures or info for the 1st day intentionally just to see, and within a matter of minutes I was getting messages and interests. I notice that so many girls were attractive and always online, and when I liked their profiles, they would respond within minutes with enticing messages to get me to talk with them. However by talking with them you’d have to purchase coins. I noticed that a lot of the girls who would write me would say very generic things or expressions out of the ordinary. Some of the things they would write me were very forward Khama and not typically what a normal girl would write. Is all designed to get me to buy coins and engage with them. I also notice that all of them have generic names followed by random numbers like Jenny435 and Michelle257 etc. Overall I learned very quickly that it was a scam and I’m glad I didn’t pay anything.

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  1. Estrella Weismantle
    June 16, 2020

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