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I had recieved a call asking me to give a estimate on replacing the floors with laminate flooring, 92 ft of trim removing carpet and pad, repairing dry wall, and replacing 2 doors, painting inside and out side of home. | I gave my bid and he signed a contract for $7500 While inprogress, he added several thing, such as landscaping the property, replacing the cieling fans (3) replacing all faucets, rebuilding part of the dog house, repair plumbing at well and in home more than 150ft of plumbing, 428 ft of trim was added, cleaning the roof, drive way, walk ways, clearing the back lot trees, limbs, high grass, replaceing the kick plates on kitchen cabinets, rebuilding the toilets, then changed the color of home due to customer changed his mind after we painted the home with his choice of color and paint he had supplied. | Upon calling David to let him know we only had clean up left for job completeion and woud be done by the end of the day he shows up on the job site, tells my crew to get off the property and he was not going to pay. | I told him i was going to lien the house and then forclose on the lien to force payment, he then looks at my wife and says you will be out and if you do i will get my gun and walks out of home. i called and filled out a sherrif report for his threats. Do not do any work for David Rose as he will only rip you off and after doing some resrarch i have found over 50 companys he has done this same thing to.

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