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Got an email on July 30, 2015 saying my refund would post within 73 hours. Today is Aug 19, 2015 and I called the number I have and talked to Roger, a very dislikeable man, who made more excuses and got quit short with me. Roger also informed me that the company was actually in London, England and he could only forward my messages to them, | I ordered a camera via the internet from a company called Daxmart. They sent me an e-mail stating that to complete the order a representative would have to speak with me prior to placing the order. Should have known then but I called and talked to a rep, don’t remember his name, who informed me the camera I ordered was an inferior model made in Japan, gray market product, and for a few more dollars he could upgrade me to the real Nikon camera. Of course I went with the program and added a couple hundred to the cost of the camera. This is the classic bait and switch tactic used by many less than honest companies. | The camera never did arrive but the bill I got was for a different camera altogether. I called and canceled the order and this was July 9th, approximately. Did not hear anything for a time so I called again and was told they would look into the problem and get back to me. Did not hear a word so I called again around the 28th of July and was told they would look into it again. Then on July 30th I received an e-mail stating that I would receive my refund within 48 to 72 hours. How exciting. Today is August 19th and I once again called and talked to Roger. Seems like a lot of people are talking to him because he wasn’t in a good mood and I did not improve it. This is when good ole Roger informed me the company was actually in London, England and to give them time to sort it out. Then he hung up on me. | I don’t know how many people will see this but I hope enough to put them out of business. Do not order anything from Daxmart period.

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