I have signed a contract $ 25.000.00 US Dollars with the daymond john academy after I attended the live seminars here in Los Angeles, CA. Alot of promises where on the table from all of the involved named above. the contract was for one year and no action was undertaken by the Daymond John Academy. | Services that where promised to help market and introduce my already developed product, already in few stores, website already present, manufacturer is already present, log and art is already present, company is a corporation and own the trademark and active but on a small scale. | some of the promises told at the seminars , if you sign up for any of our services we will provide the following: | Take your new or existing business to the next level | take your product or idea to market quickly | pitch and raise capital from angel investors and VC’s. | Get multiple celebrity endorsements | get the right strategic partner | get a lucrative licensing deal | get the best manufacturer and reduce your costs. | get into big box retail stores. | grow massive welath in business using Daymond John’s strategies. | the fact of the matter is that no such strategies are codified, let alon taught. After buying into the highest level of service at a cost of $ 25000.00 dollars, I never received any solid information, endorsements, market, partners, licansing deals, retail sotres or introduced to any inverstors. | I have attempted meaningful interaction with Academy staff were met with excuses, delays and holidays excuses and a chorus of ” that’s not my job” accompanied by a foisting of responsibility onto another academy staff member. Eventually It became clear that assisting clients appeared to be no one’s job at the Daymond John Academy. | All I heard is that we have never dealt with a business like yours and do not have the right connections, even though while attending the prior seminars of Daymond John Academy and presented the my product to everyone in the staff, give them samples. They were all excited about my product and assured me that they can make me a millionair. | instead my experience was marked by the glaring lack of any attempt to take my business to the next level. one might resonably expect a team make up of various professionals, each specializing in particular business areas and providing coordinated client assistance aimed at accomplishing more than one task at a time. Instead I had to fight to get any attention, let alone any actual services for my money that would make a difference in my currently operating business. | While certain representations were made as to action taken, e,g, follow-up phone calls made to distributors, academy staff refused to divulge any information in regards to the representations that were made to any distributors. Academy staff kept stating that they are doing this on my behalf, citing confidentiality and protection of business resources. I could not except that kind of service without knowing who the third party was, there was no credibility. | Not only I have received very little for the advance payment of $25000.00 dollars, Daymond John Academy had no present abiltiy – no intention – of providing the promised services. even in the intentional vague promises and puffery – inducement to contract with knowledge of inability to provide services a reasonable consumer would have expected from a “business academy” certainly fi the above definition. | Daymond John Academy stated that they have introduced my product to distributors on my behalf, without introducing my as the owner of the product or business, these distributors never contacted me or my business. No communication with anyone to present my product. this went on for many months with excuses, delays, holidays and out of town and family emergencies. | Beware of the validity and illusory contract presented by the daymond john academy, out of state and not easy to take action against the company Daymond John Academy. | Daymond John Academy cost me my business.

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