Deacon Jones Nissan

Deacon Jones Nissan Review

I bought a new car an Altama 2016.After I bought the car a friend one day pointed out to me that the car had a differant color fender on it.It was close color to the rest of the car but certainly a defferant color.After further inspection you could see where the paint had been removed by a tool on the mounting bolts to the fender,and a protective rubber on top the fender was missing.When I bought the car there were no one that disclosed it had been wrecked or the fender replaced .When I took the car back to find out why and what happened.Three people that worked there surrounded me in a threating manor and told me that the fender was the same color that nothing had been done to it and that it would be best if i got in the car and drove off and be happy with my new car. I am a disabled Vet and can say I was scared for my life at this time.Now I am stuck with a new car payment and a wrecked and differant color fender.

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