Dealer Force

Dealer Force Review

I have worked for Don Queen since November of 2016, didnt think much of it , got paid every two weeks on friday, not a problem until he stated not showing up with apy checks, you would ahve to go to his house to get it , where he was never home , he would put it in the mail box or the door, Me and another person working , were doing our job when the lights went off, apparently he didnt pay for the lights . So we worked from home, he always has an excuse of what is goin on. He doesnt pay anyone, has an excuse of everything, he doesnt pay people their money that is owed, now he wont even answer the phone when i call him . TAKE HIM OUT OF BUSINESS FOR GOOD. HE IS A LIAR , A CROAK AND SCUM BAG. he using his money . (((Violates TOS)))

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