I had to apply for a Dental Ins. in VA, because medicaid didn’t cover dental in Commenwelth state… | Everyone is expected to pay for their own teeth. Because this is a Military based state, they’re rich, and most people are with group insurances from their jobs… | In my case after 5 payments of $36, I went to a cosmetic dentist with the need to change my composite surfaces which I had done overseas dirt cheap in 2005… But here they gave me a price of 5K to do not what I wanted, but what ever would make them the highhest return… So I asked if my plan will cover what they wanted to do and they told me that my plan only reduces the cost not the out of pocket payments. If I wanted to repair my teeth I had to apply for Care Dental Ins. low monthly payments with high credit score… | So why am I paying for this Delta Dental if they’re not going to pay for anything, my monthly payments are accumulating and they’re telling no procedures above 1500K annually. Therefore I just couldn’t get my dental procedure done…I realized all they were doing was discounting the procedures, that’s all… But the yearly limit 1500K didn’t allow me to get it done… | I then checked other discount plans much cheaper then, $36 a month…So I tried to cancel before using it, they said “we can’t cancel you out before your year is up”, they will take $36 X 12=$442 by Septenber, in which I didn’t use towards anything and they made that much money from me and consumer’s like me… | I truly need others’s opinion to see if I was the only one thinking that I’ve been scammed????? | What should I do to get compensated in this case???

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