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Demlang Builders, Inc. Review

I currently reside at , Elm Grove WI . Demang Builders built our house in 2005. The house recently suffered ice damning problems on several parts of the roof, causing over $20,000 worth of water damage to the house. We had the roof inspected and it doesn’t have a water and ice membrane, which is unheard of in Wisconsin. The shingles used on the roof are poorest and cheapest quality. It would have only cost a few hundred dollars more for Demlang to install the membrane properly. Now the entire roof needs replaced. | The windows in our house have huge gaps in them and doesn’t seal properly. When we open the windows in the summer, bugs can crawl through the gap in the windows. Demang used the cheapest windows they could find. | I contacted the president, Rod Demlang, multiple times but he has ignored all my phone calls. The houses built by Demlang look great from the outside but will cause you problems over time. They penny pinch, use the cheapest building materials, and try to cut costs in areas that are not visible to the homeowner. | I have attached pictures of the damage to our house and one of our insurance estimates to have our wood flooring replaced (from the water damage). If you are interested in touring the house, you can contact me at [email& 160;protected]

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