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Derma Skin Brands Review

I agree with all other reports. I signed up for a free trial. The initial webpage said nothing about automatic shipments. If it did I wouldn’t have signed up for the trial. I even received an email confirming my order and saying nothing about being charged if not cancelled within 14 days. After the 14 days I was charged for the “free trial.” | When I noticed the charges on my credit card, I went to the website, which was different than the one I initially sign up for the free trial. The website states that if you don’t cancel you will be charged and the site now only gives a number and email address. I called the company and was told I agreed to the terms and conditions and I said I did not and that I always make sure it isn’t an automatic renewal. I said there wasn’t anything saying that when I requested the free trial. I was told there was and that I was responsible. I told them not to send anymore product and was told it was already shipped. I said I was sending it back and I was informed there is a restocking fee of $17 for each product, but he would take $130 off the $175 charge for the two products. | This is definitely a bait and switch. Don’t click on any ad for the product. The website you originally order on is different than the one that show the terms and conditions. I am going to try to dispute the charges with my credit card company. Also the trial they sent me didn’t even last 14 days and it’s a crappy product. It’s all watered down.

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