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I found this company online and had positive reviews. I spoke with them and they could get my site up quickly and for a reasonable price. So I was happy in the very beginning HOWEVER they took every chance to upsell me. They claimed my site was hacked so I needed to pay more to get it fixed. Then I found out that the IP address they gave me was NOT Secure but it could be for more money. So emails I send bounce back from any reputable email because my IP is listed as not secure. Now I am NOT a tech person but I know when I am being lied to. I was about to leave and suddenly a serious problem popped up. | They are NOT in the USA. They claim to be in Dallas and all of their names are VERY COMMON American names but have serious Indian accents. I have no problem with them being Indian I have a problem with them lying. I have lost my Rep 2 times and I cannot get them on the phone. The only waay to reach them is via Chat on their site. I send them work to do and they say it will be 3 days to complete. It wouldnt take me but 20 minutes. And they NEVER complete my order. Then they try and sell me something else. Its like buying a car but it doesnt have wheels a key or engine those are EXTRA at Designvation!!!!

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  1. Willard Ewings
    June 16, 2020

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