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Diamante Cabo San Lucas Review

I attended a sales presentation at Diamante in Cabo San Lucas about a month ago and was very impressed with their Golf Resort and plannings for the future. At the end of the presentation I met with the Sales person and Sales Manager who presented me with options to purchase vacation ownership. I agreed to purchase and was told I could play their one and only golf course for the next as much as i wanted without any additional charges. Yes, free of charge, anytime and as much as I wanted to play. After completing the paperwork and giving them a credit card deposit, I played a round with the sales person. Of course he was telling me how fortunate I was to become an exclusive member of Diamante and about all of the benefits and how much I will enjoy being a member. I was excited and I thought it was great to be a new member. After we finished the round I went into the pro shop t set up tee times for the next 2 days. My intentions were to tee off early so that i could enjoy the rest of my days in Cabo San Lucas. When I asked the pro shop attendant about an early morning tee time, he responded by saying “the morning tee times are reserved for members and the earliest tee time for me would be 1:30. I told him that I am a member, I had just signed a contract earlier that day. What does that make me? Well, anyway, I was told earlier that I could play anytime a tee time was available. I ask the pro shop guy if there were any early tee times available and he said yes, a couple openings in the 8 to 8:30 range, which would have worked out perfectly for me. He told me that I had to speak with the Sales department. So I went upstairs to the Sales department and of course everyone had left for the day. I went into the office and Wendy who had drafted the contract was sitting at her desk. I asked to speak with her because I was a little upset about the situation that had just happened in the pro shop. I told her that I did not want to be a part of Diamante if we are starting off with such deceptive practices. She listened and then called the Sales Manager who said he would resolve the issue and either he or someone would contact me. I never heard anything from anyone. I sked Wendy if she would refund my credit card deposit because I didn’t want to be a part of Diamante. She told me that the office was closed and someone would contact me tomorrow and that she could not refund my deposit. The credit card machine was in her office so I didn’t understand why she couldn’t. | Two days later, I get a phone call from the Sales person and he appologizes and tells me that I should always contact him if there are any problems or issues. I told him that I wasn’t very happy with the way things were communicated or not communicted and thatI didn’t want to purchase a member to Diamante and would like my credit card credited for the full amount. He told me that he would do everything possible to make up for his mistake. He offered me a week of free golf on my next visit to Cabo. I agreed to that and I even asked him about upgrading to the next size unit that we had discussed initially. He emailed some numbers that eventually were satisfactory until I had noticed that the maintenance fee for certain times of the year had changed. I questioned him about it and he said that is just the way it is. Before the maintenance fee remained the same for the whole year and now mysteriously they changed. It is just another deceptive practice by someone in the timeshare/vacation ownership business who will do anything to make a sell. I would recommend to stay as far away from these people as possible unless you want to be in a similar situation as I am. As of today, I still have not gotten my deposit back. If they are going to force me to become a member, surely it will not benfit them. Everyone I know will hear about this experience with Diamante Cabo San Lucas.

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