Diana Dorrier

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I am a small business owner and I missed a call today from an unknown phone number. When I called the number back I received an immediate voicemail recording. Then this apparent nutjob Diana Dorrier of Visalia, CA immediately called me back. She reached out to me and was soliciting me to do business with her regarding an auto transport quote. | We immediately got off to a bad start because Diana Dorrier has a very arrogant and rude personality and she is very pushy and demanding. I don’t like nasty women like her. I told her that our conversation was overwith and hung up on her. She then proceeded to harrass me by writing slanderous comments about me on that idiotic Yelp website for morons and losers, in an effort to bash my company and hurt my revenue. | In my opinion, Diana Dorrier is mentally unstable and I would strongly advise any and every business to avoid dealing with her or else she will immediately take to Yelp and bash your company with slanderous comments. What a sicko she is!

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