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Report Filed: Diesel Products Diesel Product, Diesel Parts of America Fraud, breach of contract, failure to refund, North Hollywood, California!!

An order was placed with Maureen at Diesel Products www.dieselproducts.com for 5 Caterpillar pump drives. We were faxed an invoice and issued a 50% deposit as requested on the invoice. We provided the shipping address and a UPS freight account number for the freight charges. After the deposit was sent, 48 hours from receiving the invoice we called to get tracing numbers. We were at that time told that there was no tracing information yet and that the cost of one of the pumps had increased $500.00. I told Maureen to proceed with the order as we needed to fill an order for our customer. I was told that three pumps would be sent the balance would be shipped when they arrived in from overseas. I called a few days later for a tracing number and again was told maureen didn’t have it but that one was shipped. I asked about the other two and Maureen told me that the price had increased on another pump and that it was going to be $600.00 more. She also told me that she didn’t have the pumps there to send. I then asked to cancel the order as I felt I was getting scammed and I was told Lynn the controller was out but the wire for the refund would be sent the next day for my deposit less the one pump that had shipped ($6450.00 – $4400.00) I asked for proof it was shipped and got a bill of lading with no tracing number. I called the shipper on the bill of lading to find out that Diesel Products had lied and that it had not shipped yet. I was also told that the price was $3750.00 the original price that was provided to me on the invoice. So Maureen had lied twice. The shipper confirmed that it would be sent and I now have a tracing number for the one pump. However, I have gone to the Better Business Bureau and tried contacting the owners of Diesel Products to get the correct refund. Lynn confirmed the price was $3750.00 but told me that I would only get a refund for $1890.00. Much less that what is owed. Again we provided an account number and requested all product to be shipped on our UPS account. Lynn then told me that they would get to the wire at another day and that she was too busy to talk, she then hung up on me. I just want the money back for the product never received. I also want everyone to know that Maureen and Lynn seem to have a tidy scam going to extort funds from customers after an agreed price and invoice was issued. To date I have never received a refund.

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