Dieselogic Review

I have purchased 6 injectors in the middle of december 2015 after installation of all 6 injectors by the mechanic shop my truck never ran good, in about 100 miles i had a “p1223” and “P0148” engine codes show up. both codes relate to fuel delivery and fuel return. in late march 2016 ( thats after two and a half months after new injectors installation) my vehicle was blowing smoke while driving. i took it back to the mechanic and after scanning my vehicle injector 3 was bad at this time i was advised by the mechanic to send all injectors for testing. i agreed. the results that i have from the testing facility show that out of 6 injectros 5 dont pass the tests, only one injector is good. i only put about 5k miles and i believe that i recieved 5 bad injectors from dieselogic in december. upon contacting dieselogic i was told manager will call me back – no one called me. upon more calls to dieselogic they cannot find me in the system – they say they did not sell me anything. | please be ware as the company sends bad parts, has bad customer service – please look on line as there is a lot of customers like me

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