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Report Filed: diminished value.net diminished value oregon Inflated Diminished Value Report – My Lawyer laughed at it Internet!!

I had my vehicle repaired at Leifs Collision Center in Portland, Oregon. They repair was completed and I asked about diminished value. The clerk gave me a card for Ken Nix, the owner of Diminished Value. net/ Diminished Value Oregon. Once I called Ken Nix he stated he would come out and inspect my car and write a diminished value report for the fee of $199. I had called a few other appraisers and he was by far the cheapest. He stated I had a claim for over $8,000. Due to my repair being only $4,000 I thought that was odd. I unfortunately, went thru with the claim anyway. The claim was turned into Safeco and Safeco laughed at the report. I spoke with Ken again and he was friendly but could not help me. I was not happy to put it midely. He told me to get a few dealer quotes and to turn in a demand letter. I did go to my local Acura Dealer and they stated the wreck had only decreased my vehicle by $1,5000. Next, I spoke with an attorney and showed him my evidence. He looked at Ken’s report and stated he would not take that to court because it was not credible. After showing the report to a few more attorneys and dealers they all said the same thing. It appears I was taken. I am only writing this because I really feel that my diminished value claim was inflated and I wasted my $199. Obvoulsy, Ken stated if I had not gotten $199 he woudl refund my fee but Safeco offered me a little more then $199 so I could not get my money back.

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