DineroLibre Review

I had been looking at a unique investment vehicle called Binary Options. From what I understood, certain algorithyms were incoprorated in Binary Options “robots” who, based on those algorithyms, decided the best currency pairs to invest in and whether to buy a “put” or a “call”. In other words, whether the currency was going to go up or down. | I set up a “robot” and finally decided gto fund my account. I was repeatedly told that I would be able to choose the broker, however when I approved my investment, my funds were immetiately placed with DineroLibre, exactly the firm I did NOT want to go with. | I decided to give the “robot” a try. They were supposed to “win” at least 80% of all trades. After 54 trades; 27 won, 25 lost money and 2 were a “push”. The problem was that the 25 that lost were much larger than the 27 wins, therefore I lost a fifth of my original investment. | After this I decided to request refund. I emailed my account representative, Ariel Roberts numerous times (perhaps ten) and called numerous times (about 12-15). Each time I would be put on hold or cut off. I finally spoke with Mr. Roberts once. He tried to talk me into puting in $2,500 more. They have blocked my account and I’ve had to re-enter my info 8 times. I have been waiting since March for my refund. I’ve requested online four times. It’s my money. They steadfastly refuse to return it. | I would strongly discourrage anyone from doing business with Dinerolibre. It’s a total rip off.

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