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I do live in a very small town here in Pennsylvania. I was working with Discount Retail store services to open a store. First they request a $500 refundable deposit which I paid. Secondly, they requested $5000 refundable deposit which I again paid. They clearly stated in our conversation if they are not able to find a place suitable enough for my business, I will be entitled to 100% refund of my deposit, no strings attached. I gave their real estate department more than a month to work on that finding a suitable location for the store. They themselves soon realized competition in my town was very high and they couldn’t really find an ideal location for my store. They tried to convince me to do the party store instead. They still were not able to find a convenient and strategic location. When I withdrew from the project and asked for my refunds, their General manager Mr Garrett assured me the refunds have been processed and that I should allow at least one week for the refunds to post to my bank. | Two weeks later no refunds had posted. Contacted Mr Garrett several times both by phone and email. Also contacted Mr Adam, the marketing director but none of them would get back to me. Finally, I was able to get a hold of their VP Mr J.D. Gray who insisted all credit cards obtained through third party must be cancelled prior to any refunds being issued. Note: I actually paid the funding company close to $3500 to obtain the credit, it was not a service offered by Discount retail store services or the funding company for free. Cancelling the cards actually compromises my ability to obtain further credit to start my business either now or in the near future because so much credit line has already been applied for recently. | This is the most dishonest company you will ever deal with. They make their money by accepting deposits from poor folks they will never be able to help. I have told them I will pursue every means possible to get my money back, and I mean it, I will do exactly that, I will stop at nothing until the money is paid in full: $5,500.00. And not only that, I will be a strong advocate for consumers out there wanting to start a dollar or party store – Discount retail store services is not your friend, they will eat your money, ruin your dreams, destroy your credit and render you completely helpless. To Discount Retail Store Services, you cannot make your money by preying on hard working individuals whose only goal is start a small business, help sustain their families and contribute to their respective communities.

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  1. Karleen Gudiel
    June 16, 2020

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