Divine Aquatic Supply

Divine Aquatic Supply Review

First of all, if you go this website www.michianafishservices.com it is like reading a novel. There are only fake pictures and stock photos of fish and tanks – not his real ones. He goes on and on about his staff of many people but he is the only person who runs and works for the business. This tells you the first thing about this person is that he is all talk. My friend wont post about his situation with Gary but I’m mad about the way he was treated by him so I’m going to post for him. My friend had Gary (aka Divine Aquatic aka Michiana Fish Services) seal an aquarium for him. It was a horrible job, cost my friend a ton of money in repairs and frankly, my 7 year old son could have done a better job doing it himself! Gary was an A$$ to speak with and was arrogant. If you look his Facebook page all he cares about is making money, riping off customers and creating a smoke and mirrors with his business. There are legitmate companies out there that charge a fair amount and dont rip people off. I am so disappointed with both the service Gary provided to my friend but more shocked at the way he has treated people. Stay far away from this jerk.

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