Dog Gon' Good Time

Dog Gon' Good Time Review

I began a formal contracted partnership with Dog Gon’ Good Time in Saugus, Ma on January 25, 2016. My start-up is Prae, a social media, digital marketing start-up, and I was providing them services through my start-up to increase exposure for their business and provide research, and strategy. They had agreed to $15 an hour for 5 hours a week. 5 hours a week isn’t really enough time to do anything honestly, but I made it work and would work over my hours weekly just to be paid the minimum. A few weeks ago they told me without enough notice, that they could not afford my services anymore and that they wanted to handle marketing on their own. I understood however communication became unbearable quickly as they never got back to me on last services, and receiving a last check. The last check I received was marked for April 8 which was payment for March 28-April 3, and there was no payment for the weeks of April 4 -15,nor payment for extra time for services, more specifically a logo redesign, and no real closure. Dog Gon’ Good Time stopped communicating with me even after I submitted proof of the work I did, and they blocked all communication with me when all I really demanded was communication & that they realize they owed me. This business also switched between weekly and bi-weekly payment without real notification and it ended up throwing off what I was really paid for. I would not recommend any contractors work with this business as they are EXTREMELY unprofessional, poor communicators, and don’t pay up. They didn’t even send a last check after I knocked down what they owed, $150-200, to $75, which was astounding. After serving them and working harder than I should have, I feel betrayed and shocked by their behavior. I would not recommend them to anyone ever and they are ineligible from future services or recommendations from me.

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