Dr. Carlos E. Lopez, MD

Dr. Carlos E. Lopez, MD Review

I informed the seller (Carlos Lopez) that I was looking for a Samsung Note 8. He sent me a message to let me know that he had the Samsung Note 8s in stock and he would sell me one for $500. I sent him the money via Paypal Friends and Family as the seller requested. Mind you, I have purchased from Carlos numerous times without issue (except once) and had no concerns with sending him money in this manner. I sent him the money on Oct. 18 and Carlos promised me that I would receive the phone before Oct. 21. I didn’t receive the phone. | I sent Carlos numerous emails and he responded a couple of days later saying that he was sick and wasn’t able to ship the phone…but it was going out that day. I waited to receive the phone but it never came. I messaged Carlos again asking for a refund since he never sent the phone. He sent the refund to Paypal, but then cancelled the refund before it was processed. When I messaaged him to ask why he cancelled the refund, he said that it was processed the wrong way but he was going to fix it. He then offered to go ahead and send me the phone instead. I asked him go ahead and send the phone (still believing that he would do the right thing). Needless to say I never received the phone. | Carlos continued to promise me that he was sending/sent the phone but would never provide a tracking number when I asked him to do so. Now he has stopped responding to my messages. He has scammed me out of $500 by premise of selling me a cell phone. I would like to get my money back from Carlos. If or when that happens, I will remove the report. | I have my entire conversation with Carlos documented/saved in case he disputes the validity of this report. I will be glad to share the documented conversation as proof.

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