Dr Derby Sang Caputo

Dr Derby Sang Caputo Review

I am an older AA woman who chose Dr. Derby a few years ago for a tt and breast augmentation with no implant. His communication was excellent! Before and after surgery. I stayed at a bad RH but he sent his nurse to give me massages and to check on me and she too was amazing. Vanessa the receptionist is another angel- these people genuinely cared about me. Even though my procedure was a few years ago I’m sure that if so were to contact Dr Derby or Vanessa they would respond to me. My testimony is a long one but honest one. I had a mishap while there- I fell in my RH due to being left alone in the bathroom, I suffered another mishap that I won’t go into detail about but Dr Derby and Vanessa were there for me, they didn’t abandon me. I would recommend Dr Derby based on my own personal experience. | – Catherine (North Carolina)

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