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Horrible results for my dog with Kidney disease all these reviews must be fake because my baby has been on Just food for dogs for a year and was doing good. I thought I would just try a sample to see if she could be better with horrendous results! | My dog isn’t doing well after trying this food she was on a prescription renal diet from Just Food for Dogs for a year and was doing great I let her try this once she hasn’t eaten since it’s been 2 weeks and her condition is in steady decline I’m so upset! | It’s been a week her seizures have worsened and now she isn’t even walking. Her conditioned detorated the day following trying the sample. Not good for dogs with kidney disease not enough moisture! I followed the instructions still she did not respond well at all!!!! | Liars Here’s an update 23 days after trying this food my dog never recovered I lost her yesterday had I not given her this food that threw health into a tailspin she may still be here she was thriving prior to eating this once! She never ate again after that day and started having terrible seizures until she died from one!!!

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