Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Henry Cloud Review

I joined Dr. Henry Cloud’s online Facebook group “Boundaries” and his website several months ago. One day I was asked to provide a testimonial for the group, the next week I was kicked out of the group with no warning, no notice, no contact, and no reason. | I messaged the group administrators several times but received no reply. I tried contacting him on Twitter and was blocked. Then I went to cancel my monthly subscription and found I could not. There was no email address, and the one I had was not a human one, then was later blocked as well. There was no phone number on his website and no way to contact either “Dr.” to cancel my subscription. | Every month I have to contest the charge to my debit card. Some months I get it back, others I don’t. I don’t have access to the services I’m being charged for. My complaint is he refuses to provide a phone number or email address for subscribers to cancel their subscription and get their money back. He is defrauding people of their money. He is violating his oath as a psychologist. | He is exposing vulnerable people to potential abuse and stalking on his website and Facebook page in violation of numerous ethics as a psychologist, but mostly, he’s stealing my money every month. His partner, Dr. John Townsend, has been contacted as well and also refuses to respond. | I have left his address field blank because he is not listed or registered on any websites, or with any agencies that I, my bank, Paypal or any other financial institution can find. He just keeps taking people’s money and not giving them a way to cancel their subscriptions.

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