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Had been looking for an updated appraisal for an antique music box. I had one appraisal from 32 years ago. The item is unique and of European origina. Was originally appraised by a specialist in this area 32 years ago. I expected it would take several days to appraise something this unusual, with detailed information abou tit. | They responded to me (after paying them an upfront fee) within a couple of hours with a stock letter and automated response – substituting the name of my item and a paragraph (easily lifted from some internet site) about the maker. | Their appraisal came in at 12% of the value it was appraised at 32 years ago! | Completely absurd and totally out of any context of appropriateness. They didn’t even ask for more pictures that the 3 basic ones that were sent to them with the original inforamtion. | I did not expect a full blown appraisal, but at least something that approximated the increased value from the original appraisal, not 88% less that that one.

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