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Eileen Raymond and Tony Raymond | 973 Circle Drive | Baltimore, MD 21227 | (410) 247-0837 | COMPLAINT AGAINST DR. RICHARD POMERANTZ AND SAINT AGNES HOSPITAL | 1. This complaint is in behalf of my mother, Eileen Raymond. She is 96 years old, resides with me, and her DOB is 1923. Her SS is . Anthony Raymond is a permanent resident of Baltimore County, Maryland, and has lived there since 1965. | 2. On 1/15/19 my mother had a fall. She was sent to St. Agnes. Six hours later I called to inquire about her condition, and the room number and telephone number. I was told she was being admitted, and to call in an hour. When I called I was connected to the 4th floor. The nurse said they had no record of my mother even being in the hospital. | I spent the next hour talking to a variety of people before being connected to the head nurse of that floor. Her name was Carol Gallagher. I asked for her room and phone number. She said she refused to give that to me, and “if I want that information I had to drive to the hospital.” I spent another 45 minutes before being connected with a nurse who physically walked to that building to get my information. I subsequently made that day a formal complaint/grievance about that nurse to Josh Alperstein. There was no resolution that I was made aware. | 3. Within 5 days my mother began to complain about her treatment, specifically her legs. She said they refused to provide any exercise or therapy, and now she could not move them. I nade a complaint to administration that day, and they set up a meeting with her “doctor.” | He told me they had a room waiting for my mother at Charlestown. I said great, and please send her there today. He insisted or another tests for her wrist. I told him our concerns about her legs were more important. I called Charlestown that day. They confirmed that a room was being held, but could not understand why my mother had not been sent. | Finally, despite my continued protests, my mother was sent to Charlestown eight days later. When she was sent her legs were totally immobile. It is important to note that prior to her “treatment” at St. Agnes, my mother was totally independent, even driving and shopping by herself. Although she suffered no damage from the fall to her legs, now she could not walk because of St. Agnes’ negligence. | 4. On 3/1, she was discharged from Charlestown. Upon discharge she walked only with a walker, and then a cane. She now could not drive, or shop, nor can she now many months later. | 5. On 8/5 my mother had another fall. She was sent to St. Agnes. Five hours later a nurse called and said my mother ready to return home. She asked how long I would be. I told her within 15 minutes. She said to meet her at the ER entrance. When I arrived as scheduled, my mother was waiting unaccompanied by anyone. There was neither a doctor,a nurse, or even paperwork with her. | She had been given a sling. My mother asked me to remove it, so she could sleep more comfortably. I asked if she had been given directions. She said she was just told to wear it going home. She never again wore this sling. She complained about severe pain. I gave her Advil, since she had not been given any prescription medications. She remained in severe pain. | 6. On 8/21 my mother had another fall. However this time she was extremely disoriented. She insisted she call the police. I allowed her to do so. She told the police I had glued her to the bed leading to her fall. She was sent to St. Agnes. Five hours later, a Dr. Sandhu called me and told me to come get my mother. | I reminded him that since she was unable to walk, and was delusional, how could I transport her home. I had to demand that she be admitted to St. Agnes. He asked me if we had seen the orthopaedic specialist. I asked him for what. He said, “you know, her broken shoulder.” I was livid. I told him we had no knowledge of a broken shoulder. Sandhu said “oh, I guess we will do more tests.” | 7. A few hours later a nurse called me, and said my mother also had a urine tract infection, and it would be necessary to keep my mother as a patient, especially because of her age. The nurse said all I would have to do at present was to talk to her primary care doctor, and the St. Agnes social worker. I said I would call the doctor, and asked if I was to call the social worker. She said it was not necessary as she would call me. | 8. On 8/23 I gave up waiting for the social worker. I called that department and was refused an appointment, or even a call to that person. They told me to go to the nurses station at my mothers floor. At 12:45 I arrived and requested that appointment denied to me. | Finally at 3 pm, another nurse came to my mother’s room. She apologized, saying she knew nothing about my mother’s condition, but she sent by the social worker to get me to choose 3 rehab facilities. I asked when I would have to make this decision. She said immediately. I told her this was improper as I was only familiar with one facility on this entire list. | 9. On 8/26 I finally got a call from the social worker. She told me I had to call Don at Summit Park. I asked why. She said my mother was already sent to them, and I had to arrange payment of $2500 for the first 10 day stay. I reminded her that this year she had spent weeks in St. Agnes, and 5 or 6 weeks at Charlestown, and all of her bills were covered by Medicare and CareFirst. | She said that was how her doctor at St. Agnes admitted her. At no time was I ever informed by anyone at St. Agnes that she was put in observation status, and apparently not admitted. | 10. On 8/27 I drove to Summit Park and paid $2500. Thereafter, I called Josh Alperstein, their so-called patient advocate to make a complaint and grievance. He finally returned my call on 9/2, six days later. I complained about her billing and status. He informed me that he would talk to a doctor. | I told him that I wanted to make a formal grievance. Four weeks later he finally got back to me only because Richard Pomerantz told him to call me. I finally received a written confirmation of my complaint on November 11. This complaint was conveniently dated October 28, some three weeks earlier. | 11. In August I called Medicare. They told me to call CareFirst. Carefirst tells me to call Medicare back. Medicare tells me to complain to Livanta (866-532-3978, which I did. I spoke with a Loretta. This was another waste of time. After making a complaint to Loretta, I tried 22 times to return a call, leaving messages about 10 times. She never returned any calls. | 12. In September, I again called Medicare. Now I am told they are obliged by the hospitals records how my mother was classified. They said if she was placed as admitted, all bills would have been covered. They said her status should be reclassified by St. Agnes. I was told to call first the patient advocate, which I already did, and then the person in charge of the ER department. | I called the following: | Head of Nursing at ER, Sue Mathers 667-234-7683 | Head of Physicians at ER, John Faulk 667-234-2014 | Head of all the doctors at St. Agnes Richard Pomerantz 667-234-8723 | Pomerantz refused to speak with me. He just had Josh Albertine call me. | CEO of St. Agnes Christopher Chekoris 667-234-3114 | Chekoris said I should complain to Medicare, but he would try to get my mother’s status | reclassified, and he would call me back. Naturally, I never heard from him again. | All of the others I spoke with. Each expressed their concerns and apologized for my mother’s | treatment. All said they would get back to me. All did nothing. | | 13. St. Agnes is clearly guilty of malpractice and neglect. Their negligence in January has resulted in permanent disability to my mother. On August 5, we were never informed about her broken shoulder. They didn’t even give her pain pills. Only 16 days later did we learn of her condition. | This would be considered awful treatment even in a third world country. We were never informed at any time she was under “observation” by Rupinder Sandhu. I only learned this after she was sent to Summit Park. We were never informed until after my mother was sent to Summit Park, that we would be responsible for bills. | | 14. How could a 96 year old patient with an unreported broken shoulder, and a urine track infection be considered under observation? Most doctors would know that a UTI at that age is particularly dangerous, and can easily be considered life threatening. My mother had to endure at least 16 days of pain, without being prescribed any sort of medication. | 15. There continues to be no accountability, nor transparency by St. Agnes. | 16. Section 2 of the Medicare & You , page 28 states”A Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice…You must receive this notice if you”re getting observation services for more than 24 hours.” I received no such notice from Medicare or St. Agnes. As I mentioned I was only informed that my mother was under “observation” until after she was discharged from St. Agnes. Medicare tells me to complain to CareFirst. CareFirst tells me to complain to Medicare and St. Agnes. Medicare then tells me to complain to St. Agnes. I request that her status be reclassified, and that we be reimbursed for the $2500 we had to pay Summit Park, due to the outrageous treatment by St. Agnes. | 17. Richard Pomerantz does not even care enough for his patients to even have the courtesy and professionalism to return a call. He is a pathetic excuse for a doctor, much less a head of all the other doctors.

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