DSC Design & Build, Inc.

DSC Design & Build, Inc. Review

I hired David with DSC Design and Build to repair my home from water damage. I asked him did he have a crew of people that worked with him to get the job done in reasonable time and he said yes. That was a lie. He is a one man band- that’s for most of the work that he does! He did ok with installing the in-ceiling lights, drywall, and painting. However, his friend Mitchell Gholston (insurance agent office out in Stockbridge) meets with people and discuss flooring options. | Little did I know that the floors were cheap material (proabably came from Fred’s, Dollar Tree, or Big Lots) because my floors are coming apart and the baseboards are separating from the walls. I had to pay another company to re-install my floors correctly and hire another contractor to fix my baseboards. He put oversized vent covers up on my return vents, missed installing baseboards behind my refridge, left debris dust, damaged my dryer vent hose, and other things. | The day that David told me he was finished working on my home, I had him to drop off my key, so when I did go to the house I discovered that he truly was not finished because of the imcomplete things he left undone, so when I told him what was not complete he offered to come back to fix it. Why would I let someone come back to my home to fix anything if they say that they are done? Just a tactic to see what was going to be in my house. | I can say that I learned from this experience to never front anyone funds upfront for work. He is never allowed to come back to my home to fix anything because of his yelling bad customer service attitude.

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