Duncan Police Department

Duncan Police Department Review

Report Filed: Duncan Police Department Officer Pollock A police cruiser pulled up while I was parked at Wal-Mart and the officer harassed me for no reason!! Duncan Oklahoma!!

I pulled into Wal-Mart parking lot to have lunch in my car after stopping at a fast food restaurant. Then I saw a police cruiser pull in the parking lot. It came towards me. The officer asked me what I was doing. I told him having lunch. He asked me for my identification. I asked him why he stopped. He told me that a new law went into effect that says stalled vehicles can’t have their vehicles running over three minutes due to the carbon monoxide pollution. He asked again for my driver license. I gave him my drivers license and he went back to his car. Then he called for back-up. Two more police crusisers then pulled up beside his. I felt like a fugitive or something! They asked me if I had any drugs in the car. I told them no I don’t. They asked if they could search my car. I asked them if they had a warrant. They told me they had probable cause because I had bags in the car in my back seat. They asked me what I had in the bags, and I told them food. They didn’t believe me and told me to step out of the car. I asked them why they pulled over and they drew their guns and told me to step out of the car now! So I did. They then told me to place my hands on the hood of the car while the officers search me. They searched me and found a pocket knife and asked me what I planned to with it. I told them nothing. They asked if I know thats a weapon, and I said no. I thought it was just a pocket knife. They asked me what I planned on doing with it. Again I told them nothing. They then placed me in hand cuffs. I asked them if I was being detained and they didn’t answer, they placed me in the back seat of a police cruiser. Now I may have a tatoo and have long hair but that doesn’t mean I’m a d**n terrorist or something! Then I noticed a couple of older men pull up in a white pickup truck pull up and talk the officers as if they were buddy buddy. I sat back there while the two cops Officer Pollock was one of them and the other cop searched my car without my permission. They tore out everything and threw my food on the ground and the birds came and ate it. My C.D’s were thrown on the ground like they were junk! My caps were thrown on the ground. They ransacked everything in my car and then came and asked me if I smoked weed or any other kind of drugs. I told them that was none of their business. They told me it was their business and they asked me if I wanted to go to jail? I told them no. They said smart off again and you will go to jail! They then stood me up and took the hand cuffs off and told me to make sure I turn the car off when I’m in a parking lot over three minutes. I felt like telling them to go to hell! But I didn’t. They told me to have a nice day, while my CD’s and caps were still on the ground in a puddle of coke. I came home pissed off, and called the police department and told them what happened. They asked me if I received a citation. I told the dispatcher that I didn’t She said, well you don’t need to call here and make threats. I told her I wasn’t making threats, that I just felt like I was harassed and violated for no reason while I was parked in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. She told me that she couldn’t help me and that I needed to take it up with the Chief of Police Danny Ford. I asked her how I could contact the Chief of Police Danny Ford, and she said that I needed to come to the Police Department Monday through Thursday and he should be available. I bet that’s nothing but a trap! I’m not going but I will file a rip off report on them! That’s why I’m here! The cops in Duncan Oklahoma are awfully corrupt! They’ve been that way ever since Obama took office. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not, but it seems like a lot of cops have become corrupt since then. I know one thing, if that continues people will move away from the City of Duncan like I’m about to do. That Police Department is probably funded by Haliburton which is a large industry in Duncan Olahoma. I don’t think I have to explain what kind of company Haliburton is. But someone needs to look into why the Duncan Police Department has become so crooked and corrupt. Thanks for taking the time to read this report. Be sure and call the Duncan Police Department and give them a piece of your mind!!

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