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Here is my story. Dupray sold me a Carmen Super Inox steamer for $4474.00. It arrived May 16, 2017 and I requested permission to send it back the same day. However, it was the 24th before Dupray sent me the info I needed to return it. In this report, I have included urls to where photos and receipts, etc. can be veiwed. The following link will show what I paid for the steamer http://customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/steamer-receipt.png | After you read this and view the photos, you just might come to the conclusion that Dupray’s reputation is well over-rated and they committed fraud. I believe this photo, along with the purchase receipt and return receipt, anyone that uses their head for anything besides a hat rack can plainly see what Dupray has done. It is quite evident they used a photo of another damaged steamer to claim damage on one that had no damage. http://customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/carmensteamer.png I also believe that is why they are refusing to show UPS the steamer. The photo reveals damage that a product would get from wear and tear usage, and not shipping. Look at the cord on this steamer they say I sent back and bear in mind that I used it two hours. The only reason I had it for a week is because I had to wait for Dupray to send me a way to return the steamer. Otherwise, I would send it back the very next day. The steamer in the photo appears to be an old steamer that has been used for years. You can zoom in on the cord and see that the cord on this steamer is old and worn. I feel certain this is not the cord of the steamer I sent back that I used for less than two hours. | Why would a company that claimed to have received damaged goods, if there really was damage, refuse to let UPS inspect those goods? This link shows the times that UPS attempted to pick up the steamer and it shows Dupray refusing to hand the steamer over to UPS for inspection. http://www.customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/steamer.png Dupray not only refused handing the package to UPS but they refused to allow UPS to come onsite and inspect the steamer. | That right there is enough to raise doubt about the steamer being damaged. I truly believe this is fraud! I think that Dupray thinks just because they have a good reputation that no one would think they would do something like this, but I know better because I know what I sent back. I could no one could have put that kind of damage on a steamer in such a short time even if they tried. Certainly not me because the reason I sent it back was because I was not able to use it. | UPS website shows that the steamer went back to the sender, and delivered on June 21st. That is not true. I am the sender! It was delivered June 1st to Dupray and June 21st UPS went back to Dupray to try again to inspect it. Why it has delivered is beyond me. If you look at these two tickets, side by side, you will see that June 1 and June 21 both have the same signature. http://www.customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/arrival-delivery.png | They were both signed by DYE and he/she works for Dupray. UPS did not deliver it on June 21st to anyone. Dupray still had it. They had it from June 1st, and this was about the fourth or fifth time that UPS had tried to pick it up. Why UPS put delivered on it is beyond me. Dupray still has the steamer and either someone paid the UPS to enter it incorrectly, or the UPS guy did not know how to do his job. At this point, nothing would surprise me that either UPS or Dupray does that is illegal. They are both thieves, although UPS is really not to blame for Dupray keeping the steamer, they should reimburse the damages because I paid for insurance and UPS told me that it would cover any lost or damaged shipment. | Could it be that Dupray refused to give the package to UPS because they claimed damage where there was no damage to claim? Well, if that is your thoughts, I tend to think you hit the nail on the head. I believe that Dupray had a photo of another damaged steamer, call it a stock photo if you will, and they use it to claim damages on steamers that are returned. I would doubt that mine is the first steamer that they have claimed damage on that was not damaged by using that very same photo. Until they can prove the damage, I think they are liars and crooks and the world needs to know what shannigans they pull to steal someone’s money. | This cost me more than the shipping and insurance and the cost of the steamer. I had to spend even more to get it wired for the 220v if I wanted to take advantage continous steam and vacuum. I hired an electrician to wire my home. He put two 220v plug-ins in, one in garage and one in the house, and made me a long cord to use everywhere throughout my home. So as you can see, this is costing me a lot and I have nothing but one clean 8 x 10 area rug for all this money. | I purchased the steamer through Derek Jon Nadon at Dupray and I explained to him that I had COPD and was very weak and that I was purchasing it mainly because of my COPD. I ask him if he thought I could operate it and he said that it comes on big wheels and is easy to move around. | After I cleaned my area rug and moved on to wall mirrors, I knew I was going to have to return it. I was too weak to use it. The hose with all the attachments and extensions just made it too heavy to lift up and steam anything off the floor. I called Derek right then, but I got an answering machine. So…I then called the main number at Dupray and a lady told me she would give him the message and he would call. I had 14 days from day of delivery to get the steamer back to them and five were already gone. Derek never called me. I waited a few days and called back and told the lady I would file a dispute if someone did not contact me. She then told me I could return it, but she never told me where to return it. It was May 24 before Derek sent me the information that I needed to send the steamer back to Dupray. UPS had to know where it was going to quote me a shipping price. Here is an email so you can see why I had the steamer until the May 25. http://customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/dupray-address.png | Now nine days of my 14 day return deadline were up; I only had five days left. He had already told me there would be no restocking fee, but I had to pay for shipping and take out insurance on the steamer because I would be liable for the damages. I called UPS and talked to them about the insurance. Will, at UPS, told me if I reported damage that UPS would cover it, so despite the high cost of insuring it, I insured it for $4500. http://customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/value.png | I arranged for UPS to pick up the steamer the next day, and I sent the tracking number to Derek as they had told me to do, and Derek said he would let me know as soon as it arrived. UPS picked it up on May 25, 2017 and it was received by a person named Dye on June 1st at Dupray. http://customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/arrival.png | I contacted Derek and asked him if all was well with the steamer. No reply. I contacted him again, still no reply. I called Dupray and they said they would have someone contact me; no one contacted me for a week after they had received the package. Finally, I received an email June 7 that the package had arrived and the steamer was damaged. They enclosed a photo of the damage. The top was all broken. I was so thankful I had insured it. I zoomed in on the photo and I saw that the cord was all raveled. At first I thought it was just shinny, but after zooming in on the photo, I could see that it was all worn and raveled and I was convinced it was not the steamer I sent back an email asking Cindy if she absolutely sure that was the steamer I sent back and seh said she was. Well, if it was, why do they refuse to show the damage? Why do they refuse to send me back the broken part; after all, I paid for it. They took it out of my credit card, so I should get the broken part. I know why they never sent it to me just like I know why they refuse to let UPS have the steamer to inspect. Dupray was committing fraud using photos of a damaged steamer to collect damages on the one I sent back. If you never looked at the first photo, here it is again. Zoom in on this cord and see what YOU think: http://customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/carmensteamer/png | I was convinced they had sent a photo of a different steamer, but I contacted them still giving them the benefit of a doubt at honesty. They said there was no mistake and they had not gotten the steamer mixed up and that the steamer in the photo was the steamer I sent back, but I was convinced there was no way that the cord could have been worn and raveled away from the insulation while being shipped. Not unless the truck that was delivering it had a wreck, and even then I had my doubts that this kind of damage would happen to a cord. | The vacuum head looked old and used as well, and not new and smooth like the one I returned. I would never have sent it back with water specs on it. I even dried out the canister and shined it on the inside. This steamer in the photo had had some rough treatment. Since I had only used the one I got for less than two hours, I knew it was not the one I sent back. I know it, but unless Dupray sends me the part, I cannot prove it. My fingerprints will be on it if it was the steamer I sent back. They know that. That is why they are chicken to send it back. Their tails would be caught in fraud!! | I talked to the damage department at UPS and filed a claim for damage. They told me if I could get Durpray to send 8 photos, that they could pay the insurance, but if I could not get 8 photos, they would have to pick up the steamer for inspection. | I contacted Derek and Cindy again. Cindy was the one that said she was sure the steamer did not get mixed up with another damaged steamer. I do not know who Cindy is, but she is either a partner going along with the scam or an employee who is afraid she might lose her job if she told the truth. I ask them again to please send me 7 more photos of the damaged steamer because UPS needs 8 photos before they can cover the damage. Dupray refused both. Derek told me he would send me the broken part, but he lied. I am sure he knows that he could be proven guilty of fraud because my fingerprints would not be on it. | Well, I pretty well knew I was screwed with UPS because if a company is crooked enough to use a photo of a different steamer to collect damages on a steamer that was not damaged, then there is no way they were going to hand that steamer over for inspection. I was right. UPS tried to pick the steamer up from Dupray about four or five times and Dupray refused to give them the package every stinking time. | Now you tell me, if the photo they sent to me was of the steamer that I had returned, why would they refuse to let UPS take it for inspection? Why would they not take more photos of it and send to me? And they also refused to let UPS come there and inspect it? Plus, they lied and said they would send me the broken part; they never sent it. So….that pretty well told me for sure that they were using another damaged steamer to collect money not due them. I guess they thought I would be ignorant enough to believe that the cord got damaged like that in shipping, but that UPS would be smart enough to figure it out. | I know in my heart that the photo was not of my steamer. The one I returned was shinny and brand spanking new except for the less than two hours use. I also know in my heart that the cord could not get damaged like that one was damaged, through shipping. The raveling indicates that it was wear and tear, and the steamer I sent back had no wear and tear. Heck, I had it in my possession about a week and used it less than two hours. The only reason I had it longer is because Dupray refused to give me an address to return it until May 24. As soon as I got the email, I called UPS to pick it up. | That cord had been used and used and used some more. It was worn down to the insulation about two foot or more on the cord. If it had been my steamer, they would have had no reason to refuse inspection. After all, they had already gotten their money by deducting the credit on my credit card. The $300 credit you see here is a payment I paid on the credit card, not from Dupray. | http://customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/cc-refund.png | I would stake my life that if they were forced to let someone do fingerprints on that steamer, mine will not be found on it. They are crooks. They have found a way to get by with stealing someone’s money without charging a restocking fee. This makes them look good to the customer when they say, “We do not charge any restocking fees, but they will keep your money if you have to return it, and tell you it was damaged. That way they can keep part of your refund. | Here is a photo of the whole steamer. http://www.customizedwallpoems.com/dupray/steamer.jpg | Well, that is my story about how crooked Dupray is. I hope this will help someone else from getting screwed so badly by them. Just beware of Dupray. If you do buy a steamer, no matter what the problem, do not send it back. Try and sell it. You will come out further ahead that way than if you trust them because they will screw you by claiming damage during shipping. |

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